Solar Thermal Energy for Hot Water Heating & Solar Home Heating

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Solar Thermal for Hot Water Heating & Solar Home Heating

Water is one of the most essential elements of our lives. In fact, without water, there will be no life anywhere on the earth. Water plays a very important role in our daily lives. Cold water for drinking and hot water to clean our clothes, wash our dishes and to bathe are some very common examples of water utilization.

It is also used to heat our buildings and swimming pools during the winter months. The key to the hot water is the source of heat energy. In the past, burning coal generated this energy.

Solar Home Heating with Thermal Storage Systems

Today, there are more efficient ways of heating water that include electricity, natural gas and even nuclear energy. Deployment of solar thermal energy for heating water is one of the most upcoming and promising technologies.

Solar thermal comes from the sun's heat and is a promising alternative to the conventional energy sources. There are many advantages of using solar energy from solar heating panels for solar home heating and solar hot water heating. Conventional energy resources are non-renewable, hazardous and generate pollution where as solar energy is clean and virtually inexhaustible.

Because of the serious issues of environmental impacts, safety and resource depletion, development of solar energy utilization has gained momentum in the last many years. Today, many utility companies are incorporating renewable energy such as wind and the sun in producing electricity.

Solar Home Heating

Solar home heating offers many advantages. It is readily available and does not require sophisticated and complex systems for conversion or extraction. Best of all, it is free. Solar home heating involves the use of materials inside the house with high heat absorption properties to retain the sun's energy that can be distributed in the form of heat in effectively designed spaces.

These are essentially building elements and materials - the windows, walls, floors and roof, which are used as the heat collecting, storing, releasing, and distributing system. It can significantly reduce the consumption of energy supplied by the utility company thereby reducing monthly bills. Thermal storage systems are an other option to use the sun's energy for space heating. Less energy demand means less consumption of non-renewable oil and gas resources, resulting in reduction of environment pollution and improved air quality.

Solar Hot Water Heating

Solar hot water heating is another important application of solar energy. It is an interesting fact that we receive more energy in the form of solar heat than can be consumed. Just a fraction of the roof of our houses receive more solar energy than what is required to heat our household's water needs all year long. To take advantage of that pollution-free energy, a solar water heating system is a perfect solution. Basically, it captures the sun's heat and utilizes it to heat water for household use.

There are 2 basic methods involved in the design of solar water heating systems. Direct heat exchange occurs when the water to be used is heated directly by the solar collector. Indirect heat exchange involves heating an efficient heat transfer medium other than the water, then transferring the gathered heat from the collection medium known as solar collector to heat the water.

Solar energy offers one of the most promising solutions and alternatives to the world's dwindling resources. The technology is simple, safe and holds the potential to meet all our needs for home and water heating.

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Solar Thermal Energy provides Advantages for Solar Home Heating & Hot Water Heating